Church of Sv. Josef in Baborow - „Józefek“ (Jozífek)

Address: 48-120 Baborów
GPS position: 50°9'38°48′0″N, E
Contact address: Klasztor OO. Karmelitów
Telephone: +48 774 869 120

„Jozífek“ was built between 1700 and 1702 of hewn larch wood on the stone socle. The building is located on the hillock, serving as cemetery church. The church is an example of a creative folk art and culture of the region. The interior is richly decorated with frescos and paintings. Inside, there is one primary altar and five secondary ones, devoted to Mother of God from Karmel Mountain, Sv. Vavřinec, guardian angel and Sv. Valenta. The church is one of the most beautiful wooden sacral buildings in Upper Silesia. In the 19th century, the linden alley was planted, which makes the place more beautiful.

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