“U Gerina” Guest house

Address: Bohušov 53, 793 99
GPS position: 50°14′38.784″N, 17°42′47.044″E
Contact address: Gerhard Meissner
Telephone: +420 736 685 835, +420 554 642 217
Email: gerhard.meissner@centrum.cz
Price: 200 CZK

Accommodation in a quiet place of Osoblažsko region. Suitable for relaxing holiday full of cycling, walking, mushrooming, swimming and fishing....

Train and bus services in the locality, one supermarket, a post offices, sports area.

The rooms have got a communal toilets and bathrooms and fully equipped kitchenette.

All-day catering available, an outdoor terrace with a grill, TV set in the room, Wi-fi free of charge.

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