Church – Basilica of Sv. Rodina in Branice

Address: ul. Szpitalna 8
GPS position: 50°3'21°9′10.8″N, E

The Basilica in Branice was built between 1929 and 1932 in the heart of “Městečko Milosrdí” - in the complex of hospital for neural and psychical patient´s foundation. The foundation´s patron is a bishop of Olomouc - sufragan J. M. Nathan. The building was patterned on the ancient Christian basilica. The interior decorations are in a style of art deco (projected by Professor E. Untinger of Wroclaw), with a golden mosaic on the altar presenting the saint family (the work of Benedikt Notker Becker from Maria Lach abbey) with  angel golden bars (about 300 angels), crusade of Munich and beautiful chandeliers.

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