The castle of Dívčí Hrad

GPS position: 50°14′44.492″N, 17°38′7.888″E
Telephone: +420 554 650 013

The castle of Dívčí Hrad, visible from a large distance, dominates the village. It was built just above the Osoblaha river, in the 13th century. The castle experienced the greatest boom at the end of 16th and in the beginning of 17th century, within the reign of Sedlnická family of Choltice.  Then, the castle got its renaissance appearance which is kept up to now. The castle was taken away from Sedlnická family in 1622 due to their involvement in the Estates Rising.  Then, the castle was taken over by the Order of German Knights, later the Johanits (The Order of Maltese) who administred the castle till the World War II. In this war, the castle was extensively damaged. In the 1960´s the castle was reconstructed and having the same appearance up to now. Nowadays, the building is used as a store for medical material. Besides the castle building with four tube-shaped towers, some bulwark, gate, a stonned bridge and a baroque granary are preserved. There is a park and a garden surrounding the castle.


The castle in not opened to the public.

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