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Type of cache: traditional,dificulty: 1, Terrain: 1, size: micro

The cache is a part of 10 caches series,  the tour for interesting places of Czech – Polish bordering regions. The final 10th cache “A Krnov treasure” you get when you put the numbers into coordinates which you find in previous caches or you can get them by accomplishing the task at the cache places. A small present is ready for first ten final cache finders. The rest of you, do not feel sad,  you may also take a present – a CWG, until depleted



Museum Prudnik

Prudnicko region museum, a cultural institution of Prudnik town, was established in 1959 as a department of Opole Sileasian Museum. Since 1968, the museum is independent. The museum headquarters are defensive bastions from the 15th century and buildings neighbouring with medieval ramparts. 

In the past, there used to be an armory, a jail, a water tower and also a gestapo jail during the occupation.  Archeological, historical, artistic and ethnographical collections present a material culture and a difficult history of Prudnik region inhabitants.

muzeum    muzeum 

Between 2001-2003, the building was reconstructed with a financial support by Opole Region fund and Prudnik town. A former third wing and courtyard covered with a glassed roof were also renovated, which enabled to organize cultural and social events. Since 2010, the museum is owned by one department and it also makes the lookout tower accessible. Prudnicko region museum consists of the following parts: The armory (headquarters), the weaving tradition center (department) and the Vok tower.


muzeum    muzeum       


About cache

If you would like to find also the final cache for this series, you have to count the rivets on the half of wooden gate in the fence = M. Then put the number into the formula.


For more information you can find  here.


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