05 At the border CZ/PL

Type of cache: traditional, difficulty: 2, terrain: 2, size: small.


The cache is a part of 10 caches series,  the tour for interesting places of Czech – Polish bordering regions. The final 10th cache “A Krnov treasure” you get when you put the numbers into coordinates which you find in previous caches or you can get them by accomplishing the task at the cache places. A small present is ready for first ten final cache finders. The rest of you, do not feel sad,  you may also take a present – a CWG, until depleted





Description of the cache


The cache is located just at Czech – Polish border, nearby the Celňák pond, where you can park your geo car. The cache is located in a newly building Town touristic circuit.


strom      rybník


The Town circuit consists of “Hraniční vrch” lookout (distant about 1,5 km away from the cache), Linhartovy castle ( Linhartovský zámek (3,5 km away from the cache), a hillfort Burkvíz /Lugisland/, a Poutní mountain and a Dubí peak. Two touristic – natural trails are also part of this 25 km long route – a Dubí peak ( 5 km long) and a Poutní mountain (6 km long). Many information boards will provide you with all important data regarding the history of this region.The major part of this touristic circuit leads close to mountain ridges. You will admire beautiful views at Město Albrechtice and its close surroundings. Click here to find the map of the touristic circuit: http://www.mapy.cz/s/8FnM.


zámek      rozhledna



About the cache

In the cache you will find number for the final cache = T and a few first of you may take your small presents.

For more information you can find  here.


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