Observatory in Głogówek

Address: Klasztorna street 3 48-250 GŁOGÓWEK
Telephone: tel. (77) 438 00 20, fax. (77) 437 33 56
Email: glogowek@franciszkanie.pl

Nearby the Franciscan monastery there is a reconcstructed building, which is suitable for cultural and educational events and also tourism services. Concerning reconstruction, the building was divided into three parts:

On the ground floor there are two halls for social events of partner towns, cultural or educations meetings.

On the first floor there is a permanent exposition of town and Franciscan monastery history.

On the second floor there is an observatory, with a rotary copula and rotary telescope for space objects observing.  The observatory is equipped with necessary devices and programmes to enable on-line access via internet for inhabitants of Czech - Polish bordering regions.

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