A boarding house of integrated secondary technical schools in Glubczyce

Address: Aleja Śląska 3, 48-100 Głubczyce
GPS position: 50°11′49.934″N, 17°49′31.901″E
Contact address: Marek Jargon
Telephone: +48 774 853 087; +48 774 853 088
Email: zsmglub@op.pl
Website: www.zsmglubczyce.pl
Price: 36,90 zł Gotówka

This fenced two-storey building with a large car park offers four bedded rooms, with communal toilets and bathrooms at the corridor. The capacity of the boarding house is 11 rooms, which means 44 beds.


Check-in 2 p.m.

Check-out 12 a.m.

Price: PLN 36,90 ( payment method-cash)

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