„Antończyk“ agrotouristic farmhouse in Pielgrzymow

Address: Pielgrzymów 21b/2, 48-100 Głubczyce
GPS position: 50°10'36°3′7.2″N, E
Contact address: Tadeusz Antończyk
Telephone: +48 774 857 925, +48 774 857 645
Email: nexja@poczta.fm
Price: 25 zł

The farm offers 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds, bathroom, kitchenette and veranda. At this time, the accommodation is suitable for 4 people or one family.


The farm breeds geese, turkeys and chickens. The farm also owns field and a small pond, suitable for fishing.


Surrounding woody areas are suitable for walking, cycling or mushrooming. On the Czech side, there is a cycling path no. 6116. The village of Pielgrzymow is located in a picturesque protected area of Mokre-Lewice with its unique fauna and flora.


Catering is not available, however it is possible to buy the farm products such as meat, milk, honey, potatoes, vegetables etc. You can use the kitchen that is well equipped. Room cleaning is included in the price.


Payment method - cash or account transfer (in advance).

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