Campsite in Pietrowice

Ranking: * * *
Address: 48-100 Pietrowice
GPS position: 50°8′14.05″N, 17°41′25.242″E
Telephone: +48 774 857 681

The campsite (***) is located 12 km from Głubczyce and 2 km from border crossing between Poland and the Czech Republic. This facility is of a good standard thanks to the Polish Federation of Camping “Mister Camping 1995” award. In 1999 the campsite reached the 3rd place, in 2000 reached the 2nd place, in 2005 the 3rd place and in 2006 reached the 2nd place. The best Polish campsite competition is organized by the Polish Federation of Camping and caravanning, with a partnership of Ministry of tourism, agriculture and Polish touristic corporation. The competition has been organized for 40 years and is held every year. The competitors are all camps joined in the Federation of camping and caravanning. The camps awarded in the competition are marked on the map of Polish campsites. When publishing, the issues are in Polish, English and French language and also published in foreign camp publishing on Polish Federation of camping and caravanning websites.  


Besides 2 and 3 bedded rooms in cabins built of stone (capacity of 80 beds) and in hotel (capacity of 20 beds), you can also use tenting area with the capacity of about 200 people and 18 caravan spots. Guest can use a lounge, TV room, fast food with terrace, fire place, newsagent with a small corner shop. There is also skittle ground, playground, volleyball and basketball playing area. The main attraction of the campsite is an open air swimming pool with a diving board (11 m high) and a slide (25 m long). The catering is available in the campsite. Dance evenings and discos are organized for our guests. The facility operates from April 1 to October 31.

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