Church of “Svatá Trojice” in Opawice

Address: 48-100 Opawica
GPS position: 50°8′48.707″N, 17°36′42.826″E

The church is located on the hillock by the square. It was built in a baroque style between 1701 and 1706 in the place of the former church. Its founder was the Count Leopold Karol Sedlnicki, Austrian - Hungarian minister of finance from Lenarcice. In 1733 the church was reconstructed after a fire. There are unique monuments of Silesian folk art in the interior such as illusion frescos from 1733, a baptismal font in a rococo style, a pulpit in a shape of ship in a rococo style from 1771 and also epitaph devoted to the departed founder of the church (from 1731). The epitaph was made of white, red and black marble. In the middle of it, there is a ledger with the founder´s name and the “Odrowaz” crest. There is also an organ from 1763 in the church.

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