Swimming pool

Address: ul. Powstańców, Głubczyce
GPS position: 50°11′56.116″N, 17°48′46.868″E

The swimming pool was built between 1978 and 1989 on the place of an existing swimming pool, demolished in 1936. The area consists of 5 pools: sports (Olympic) with dimensions of 50 x 25 m (depth 2 m), medium one – 69 x 24 m (depth 0,6 – 1,7 m), two shallow ones - 69 x 12 m, (depth 0,4 – 1 m) and paddling pool - 54 x 14 m (depth 40 cm). Total swimming area reaches 6000 square meters with the capacity of 7130 square meters.


There are showers with cold water by pools and hot water in the building, dressing room, toilets, grassy beaches with total area of about 60 ares, volleyball court, playground with paddling area, slide, fountain, car park, bike racks, shops and fast food. You can deposit valuable objects in a safe by the cashier.

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