Holčovice Inn

Address: Holčovice 5, 793 71 Holčovice
GPS position: 50°9′33.398″N, 17°30′5.029″E
Contact address: Milan Adámek
Telephone: +420 604 124 255
Email: milano.adamek@atlas.cz
Website: www.holcovice.hostinec.sweb.cz
Price: 250 CZK

A 17th century Inn  – a protected monument by the state.

A pleasant sitting.


Parking, garden, spacious hall, celebrations, meetings and private events - yoga lessons, meditations, horseriding available, woodwork, potter´ s clay, an outdoor sauna, refreshment, accommodation.


Rooms:  2 rooms with 5 beds and 1 four with a period furniture, kitchenette and extra beds.


Capacity: 3


Number of beds: 14


Check-in and check-out by appointment


Payment method: Cash

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