“Hraběnky” stable

Address: Jindřichov 164
GPS position: 50°15′7.479″N, 17°30′33.391″E
Telephone: +420 733 334 761
Email: hankasm@centrum.cz
Website: www.stajhrabenky.cz
Price: 250 CZK per hour

We offer you all-year long horserides in Jindřichov locality. One ride takes 1 hour. If requested, we can offer a longer ride and take you to Biskupská kupa, Solná hora, Kraví hora or Valštejn, from where is a beautiful view to the countryside, local villages, Poland and Osoblažsko. 

One horseride into do wild costs CZK 250 per hour. One horseride combining gaiting, trotting and cantering costs CZK 250 per hour.

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