Address: Zámecké náměstí, Krnov
GPS position: 50°5′22.297″N, 17°42′2.896″E

The castle of the princes of Krnov was built in the Renaissance style in 1531 – 1534 during the reign of George Hohenzollern, on place of a former wooden castle built by Premyslids.

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To the construction of the castle had to contribute all the wealthy burghers of the town of Krnov. The castle was built by builder Hanus Ennych of Ennych. The area became larger through annexing of other farm and administrative buildings mostly.


The castle lacks on regularity and rectangularity. The shape of the whole building, which we are not able to see today, was so well conceived that it was said: "It is like a bull's head is ready to horn its attacker." Its function was primarily to provide defense against an external enemy, which was achieved by a system of fortifications.


Although the castle was very modest and simple, the interiors were fit for a king. Prince's castle belonged to the most representative and famous castles located in Silesia and Moravia. The castle belonged to the farm buildings, food warehouses, and buildings for servants, stables for horses, etc. The buildings of the castle complex and the walls enclose an irregular courtyard, where the knights' tournaments took place.

It belonged to the Hohenzollerns until 1622, when the castle as well as the whole principality of Krnov acquired by confiscation the Lichtensteins.


It was reconstructed after a huge fire 1779. However, the castle has never been used for its former purposes. The entrance to the princes` passage and arcades with precious sgraffitoes and relief pictures can be found in the courtyard. Female characters symbolize music, drama and singing. Graffiti was discovered by accident in 1888 and restored.


Last changes came after 1945 when the castle was modified to the administrative purposes for Race forest technology Krnov a. s. Currently is used by company ZLT a.s. and serve for commercial purposes. The courtyard is freely accessible.

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