Chářovský park

Address: Chářovská ulice, Krnov
GPS position: 50°4′52.964″N, 17°41′3.317″E

The park, founded in 1899 in the area of the village called Chářová by the Improvement Club, was later considered one of the dendrologically most important parks in the Bruntál region. As we can read in the book published in 1923, the work was managed by the chairman of the club, the headmaster of the school in Chářová, J. Konne, who was an ardent admirer of the diversity of the natural beauties of this country as well as exotic plants. At the turn of the centuries, there were attempts to build parks with the use of interesting exotic trees. Therefore, a similar park was started in Chářová. A builder F. Wiedra took part in the process layout as well as the implementation itself. From the time it came into existence it was a collection facility and only the people who were invited were allowed to enter. Later, the park suffered the same fate as similar parks in the borderland. Until the beginning of World War II it was taken care of and supplemented flawlessly. During the war, the park did not suffer any serious damage, but in the following years, when the park collection was not maintained properly, the overall state of the park deteriorated and especially the sensitive kinds died. In the 1970s, the park was extended by planting ornamental trees even in the area of the overmature fruit grove and it was partially reconstructed. Nowadays, the park is an interesting part of the town's public green areas. Ten years ago, ideas about its reconstruction were taken into consideration.


Despite previous losses, Chářovský Park is these days a remarkable park. There are a lot of interesting taxa of trees, especially coniferous ones.

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