Address: Smetanův okruh 2, Krnov, 794 01
GPS position: 50°5′23.709″N, 17°41′59.981″E

At the site of today's school building used to stay the provincial house, belonging to the castle until 1876. The building was part of the rampart. The corridor going through the first floor hallway led from the Castle to the St. Martin´s Church. After the Silesian War the building lost of its importance.


In 1779 it was significantly damaged by the largest fire in the history of the town of Krnov and thereafter repaired according to the plans by John Christopher Fabich, the Liechtenstein´s royal architect.

Later on the provincial house changed into a royal distillery and a toll office.


In 1876 the building was demolished and in the years 1876 to 1877 at its place built the present school building. Inauguration of new school buildings on 4th October 1877 was a great event for Krnov. In the new school building were also placed two apartments of the director and the caretaker. In 1887 two classrooms on the ground-floor were set apart for museum purposes. Hence archaeological and numismatic collection could be established. Since 1877 the building is used as a school.

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