Lookout Tower Ježník

GPS position: 50°5′47.072″N, 17°37′49.923″E

The wooden lookout tower Vyhlídka (17,5 meters high) in the part of the town of Krnov called Ježník is the oldest one of the lookout towers around Krnov.


This is the third wooden view-tower in succession built at this place, whereas the first one was opened on 17 of June 1894. Their building was financial supported by Prince Lichtenstein, the owner of large properties in the surroundings. Moreover, the 25 meters high wooden viewtower decayed and the new tower, having practically the same appearance as the first one, was opened for the public in spring 1834 again. This started already to wasteaway during the war and after that it felt into oblivion. The current design of the tower, produced according to old photographs, was opened on 8 of September 2001.

The entry to the lookout tower is accessible throughout the year and is free of charge.



The tourist souvenirs and a certificates are possible to get in the café Pohoda or in TIC in Krnov.



From the railway station on green marked footpath, or by car or public transport to the Sanatorium and then cca 500 m on foot through the wood.

In its woods leading to the tower, there is a well-kept nature trail equipped with numerous information boards, rest places as well as a playground for your children.

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