Natural monument Staré Hliniště

GPS position: 50°6′36.799″N, 17°41′39.613″E
Telephone: +420 554 614 247

The natural monument Staré hliniště located in Krnov was declared as a protected natural monument in 1989. It is covering 4.39 ha at an altitude of 332 - 336 meters. It is in the area of the former brickworks, the abandoned clay mine and the adjacent quarry near the road leading to the border with Poland. Two thirds of the area is overgrown by seeding trees - birches, alders, poplars and willows. In the eastern part of the there can you find the vegetation of meadow character. In the northeastern part of the southern slopes is specific by its steppe vegetation character.


There is the critically endangered species of amphibians, sometimes in a number of only a few pieces. These include smooth, alpine and crested newts, green and European toads, tree frogs, as well as very endangered Yellow-bellied toads. This oasis is a favorite resort for many birds, some of which are protected by law e.g. wood lark, golden oriole, and sparrow-hawk, whinchat, spotted woodpecker, southern woodpecker and other species.


In addition to common seeding tree species there are meadows with rare orchid species like butterfly orchid, twayblade or helleborine. In the immediate vicinity of water bodies grows yellow iris.

Floods in July 1997 caused base water-logging and subsequent storm completed the destruction of the greater part of the reserve. In the removals of the damages were largely involved conservationists from Krnov.


Through the old clay mine runs the nature trail of length of about 700 meters. This site is freely accessible. For organized groups it is possible to book a field trip with an expert commentary at the Centre for Environmental Education.


Contacts: 554 614 277,

You can get there information about environment and nature conservation, as well as ask for help in case of finding injured animals in the wild.

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