Rajf Guest House

Address: Albrechtická 7, Krnov
GPS position: 50°5′27.741″N, 17°41′33.537″E
Telephone: +420 777 720 794, +420 777 720 722
Email: rajf.p@seznam.cz
Website: www.penzion-rajf.cz
Price: 520 CZK

Guest house located in a town centre, about 7-minute walk from the town square. 12-minute walk from train station and 4-minute walk from bus station and the nearest supermarket.


Accommodation, catering, parties and events - birthdays, christening, company events and meetings, funerals, barbecue or feast.


En suite, TV set, internet, kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, kettle, parking.


Number of beds: 25


Payment method: Cash

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