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First mention about organ manufacturing in Moravia and Silesia comes from the late 17th century and is connected with family Ryšánek from Opava.


In 1812 in Sosnová was born Franz Rieger, the company founder. He became well-known throughout the Silesian region as an organbuilder

of exceptional skill. He established the factory with his brother Otto Rieger in 1873 and they built their first organ named OPUS 1 for the World Exhibition in Vienna. The instrument drew great attention and in 1878 the firm built another large instrument - this time for the World Exhibition in Paris. The Paris show brought in many new orders and made it possible to build a pipe organ factory in Krnov.


From the very beginning it has been the most important and most famous plant in Central Europe and one of the major plants in the whole of Europe. In 1880 Emperor Franz Joseph I decorated Otto Rieger with the Knights´ Cross and the Rieger Brothers firm was granted the title of the "Imperial and Royal Supplier of Pipe Organs". Pope Leo XIII raised Otto Rieger to the Knight of the "Order of Holy Grave".


The firm´s steady growth was interrupted by World War I and the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Following these historic events, the company was forced to look for new markets while the production fell. Josef Glatter-Gotz became owner of the factory in 1924 and it was he who managed to restore company fame and market position over the world.


The Second World War played again a destructive role in the life of the company. Because of lack of manpower and materials the production was reduced to a minimum.


In 1948 the Krnov firm was nationalized and merged with the local Kloss organ-building company. In the same year the RIEGER – KLOSS trademark was registered and Rieger-Kloss organs soon found their way into the world´s major markets.


After the social changes in 1989 the company came through difficult transformation and in 1994 was privatized. Also after that period RIEGER-KLOSS VARHANY s.r.o. proudly continues the organ building tradition which started by the Rieger Brothers in 1873 which stands for the world´s finest quality and the most beautiful sound of organs justly called “the King of Instruments”.


Devastating floods at the beginning of July 1997 halted the production for four weeks and caused serious property damage.


When building a pipe organ the company focuses on carefully combining Krnov’s long lived pipe organ tradion and latest state-of- the-art technology. However, worldwide interestests in pipe organs declines. There are built about 3 - 5 Opuses a year. Besides building new organs the company also provides reconstructions, repairs, renovations or moving of current instruments.


RIEGER-KLOSS production also includes acoustic guitars. By using top quality materials and craftsmanship we have achieved excellent sound quality with our 6, 9 or 12-string instruments.


To the best business partners belong the United States, China and Korea.

The company is the founder of the Secondary Art School of Organ-Building in Krnov, an education institution specializing in educating new experts in the art of pipe organ manufacturing. It was found in 1992.


A guided tour is possible.

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