Lookout tower Hraniční vrch

GPS position: 50°10′18.008″N, 17°36′15.232″E

A lookout tower of a unique iron frame, consisting of the two areas connected with a metal footbridge. The lookout was opened in autumn 2011. It is located nearby Czech-Polish border in Mesto Albrechtice locality. To access the lookout, follow the blue touristic marking from Mesto Albrechtice and farther, circa 3,5 km away from the town. The lookout tower is located on Hraniční peak, which is 541 m above sea level, the height is 25 metres. To get to the top, there are about 145 steps to be climbed. The lookout offers a panoramic view to the countryside towards Krnov, Třemešná and Poland. Admission is free of charge, with no attendant and it is opened year-round. A lookout access is prohibited in within the night and in case of reduced visibility, hoarforst, snow coverage, strong wind, rainy or stormy weather. In case of accessing the lookout tower at above mentioned circumstances, a visitor takes his/her full responsibility and no consequences will be born by both its manufacturer and the owner, concerning health and safety.


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