Osoblaha - Hostel (former customhouse)

Address: ulice Polská 170, Osoblaha 793 99
GPS position: 50°16'26°6′7.2″N, E
Telephone: +420 603 770 962, +420 554 642 118
Email: technickesluzby@osoblaha.eu
Website: www.osoblaha.cz
Price: 140 CZK

Hostel is located in the place of former customhouse, in a quiet place. The rooms are of a standart quality, communal kitchenette with some basic equipment including fridge and  microwave.  Toilets and bathrooms are communal and consist of double toilet, double shower and separated toilet for handicapped people, with an outdoor access only. There is a saloon with a TV set,  an outdoor fireplace and fenced parking. The facility operates seasonlly.

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