Agrotouristic farm „Złoty Potok” in Łaka Prudnicka

Address: Jana Pawła II street 83, 48-200 Łąka Prudnicka
GPS position: 50°18′21.96″N, 17°30′57.96″E
Telephone: +48 606 308 228
Price: 40 zł

„Złoty Potok“ is  top-rated facility, situated in a small locality of Laka Prudnicka. There are two comfortable suits and 1 three-bedded room in the farm. Total capacity is 12 beds. Suits and the room are equipped with bathroom, TV sets and a stereo. Guests can use a lounge, table tennis, café with a home cinema, HD projector and a grill.

„Złoty Potok“ is situated on the foot of Biskupská kupa (889 m above the sea level), which is the highest peak of Opavské Mountains. This is the pearl of Opole region, for active tourists it is an ideal place for mountain walking or path cycling, horse rides in a close stable or agrofarm “Końskie Zacisze” and fishing in two close trout fishery.


Photo: Agrofarm „Złoty Potok“

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