Fishery and a fishing restaurant „Pstrąg” in Moszczanka

Address: Moszczanka street 134, 48-200 Prudnik
GPS position: 50°17′15.36″N, 17°28′39.36″E
Contact address: Kazimierz Dziwisz
Telephone: +48 77 436 79 22

The fishery and a fishing restaurant, situated in village of Moszczanka, offer a perfect relaxation after a long and exhausting day at work. Trout fishing or just its tasting is an attraction for everyone. The fishery is situated in Opavské Mountains and it is available all-year long for both individuals and groups.  In the region, you can choose from various range of hotels, including agrotouristic farms, such as „Złoty Potok“ or „Końskie Zacisze“. A very interesting place is close horse stable in Chocim, where you can use horse track or indoor riding school. 


Opening hours: All-year long from Monday to Friday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

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