Lookout tower in Wieszcyna

Address: 48-200 Prudnik, Wieszczyna
GPS position: 50°16′49.728″N, 17°30′39.168″E
Contact address: Biuro Promocji Gminy i Współpracy z Zagranicą
Telephone: +48 77 406 62 63
Email: promocja@prudnik.pl
Website: www.prudnik.pl

The district of Prudnik town offers more than 30km of footpaths, cycling paths and riding paths in protected area of Opavské Mountains and in its close surroundings. There are many worth-seeing and worth-visiting destinations, such as Sv. Frantisek Sanctuary, Franciscan monastery, ponds and a beaver site.


Two 15-meter high lookout towers are located on the paths. The first one is on Kozí hora ((Kozia Góra, 317 m above sea level), which offers a beautiful town panorama.


The latter is in Wieszczyna village, which offers a beautiful panorama to Opavské Mountains and its highest peak - Biskupská kupa (Biskupia Kopa, 889m above sea level)

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