“Sorontar” Brotherhood

Address: Kraszewskiego street 21, 48-200 Prudnik
GPS position: 50°18′39.856″N, 17°33′46.303″E
Telephone: 660207606
Email: bractwo@sorontar.pl
Website: www.sorontar.pl

“Sorontar” Brotherhood is a corporation with 8-year of practice and fellowship. The aim of the brotherhood is to organize various events mainly dealing with fantasy, history or culture.  We are very flexible and thanks to the fantasy we want to propagate our land - bordering region of Opavské Mountains.

Our events are focused on the organizing of fun and educational outdoor games (larpy), workshops, performances or tournaments. We are able to help you to create your event or install portable lightning, scenography or organize a chamber music concert. As the most important point of our offer, we see the flexibility of our services to adapt all age groups or the size of the event to meet all your requests. We have experience with birthday parties, trainings, conferences or the Town Days.

I – Organizing of integrating / educational outdoor games

II – Organizing of integrating games in your place, performances, workshops or educational lessons

III – enriching of the decoration and mood of your event


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