The weaver´s tradition center in Prudnik

Address: 48-200 Prudnik, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 23
GPS position: 50°19′20.64″N, 17°34′57″E
Contact address: Muzeum Ziemi Prudnickiej
Telephone: +4877 4068060

“The town of weavers and cobblers” - that was the name of Prudnik hundred years ago. These were the most important crafts at that time. The development of weaver craft started in 19th and 20th century thanks to the Frankel and Pinkus families, one of the biggest textile company owners in Europe. The companies of these wealthy and influential families employed thousands of workers. The factory owners were known not only for their wealth, but also as philanthropists, patrons and bibliophiles.


After the war and a border change, the company transferred in to the cotton factory “Frotex”, which also strongly influenced contemporary situation of the new inhabitants of Prudnik. In 2011 the factory closed down. However, the weaver craft traditions are rooted deeply and gave Prudnik their significant character. To preserve the local heritage of the region, the new Center of weaver traditions (Centrum Tradycji Tkackich) was opened.  The center is a part of Prudnik region Museum (Muzeum Ziemi Prudnickiej).


The aim of the new institution is to keep and promote the traditions of a textile industry, dating back for a few centuries ago through organizing of wavering workshops, meetings and exhibition to follow the disappearing traditions. The operation of the weaver center outreaches the town area and it becomes an international matter. Young people from border region of Prudnik (Poland) and Krnov (Czech Republic), through workshops create a new shared cultural heritage.


The museum was established with the help of European Union funds within the project “The material basement creation in order to protect waver cultural traditions in Prudnik and Krnov”. The project was carried out in town of Prudnik.


Photographs: W. Steć, records of Weaver tradition center in Prudnik, records of town hall of Prudnik.

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