“ U Kořínků” Restaurant

Address: Slezské Rudoltice 26, 793 97
GPS position: 50°12′13.981″N, 17°41′21.011″E
Telephone: +420 604 412 145
Email: zdenekkori@seznam.cz
Price: 200 CZK Payment method: Cash

The guest house is located at the square of Slezské Rudoltice, with a view of the castle. On the ground floor, there is a supermarket and a restaurant, rooms are separated, fully equipped with SAT TV, TV set and Wi-fi. Toilets, bathrooms and kitchen are communal and located on the floor, kitchenette. Pension is located on the square in the Silesian Rudoltice with a direct view of the castle.

It also offers parking, dinning room, a room with tools for bike keeping-up, pergola with a grill and a swimming pool. The garden is fenced.

 Half-board of full-board by appointment.

An advance booking required by calling 604 412 145.

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