The Mír cinema

History of the building 



The building of  Mír 70 cinema was built in 1903 as a Labour house. After many reconstructions and modifications the cinema capacity is 332 seats and it is equipped with a top-class sound system  DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX. Mír 70 cinema is the only cinema in Visegrad group contries which is able to project films out of 70 mm tape (a former system of film recording with more quality scene than today´s 35 mm wide tapes).  


Main activities of  Mír 70 cinema



-          Film performances for the public, kindergartens and schools

-          “Bijáček” children´s club

-          “Artkino” film club

-          Open-air cinema

-          On-line ticket sale

-          70 mm films exhibition


Summer wandering cinema (caravan)

In 2006 the tradition of Krnov summer cinema was revived. A garden of local boarding house for secondary schools was chosen for this projection.  The caravan wanders to neighbouring villages during summer season since 1998. The interest for this unusual film projection has increased rapidly and not only in big cities all over the country, but also abroad. The caravan, for example, took part in a Children´s film festival Zlín.

Krnov people could watch the caravan projection just at Hlavní square during Krnov music festival, Christmas fair and many other important events.




In the period of 70mm film terminate in former Czechoslovakia (end of 1980´s and beginning of 1990´s) it was not really sure whether the distribution of this film tape would be renew. In Mír 70 cinema, the technical equipment was preserved thanks to the enthusiasm and interest of cinema manager mr. Pavel Tomešek, who enforced the modernization of a projecting room with new projecting machines while maintaining the existing equipment.


Thanks to the cinema workers´taking part in exhibitions of 70mm film all over Europe, an idea to introduce this film format arose. This brought a masive searching for copies and composition of film fragments saved in Czech cinemas and private collectors´ collections. Thanks to the public interest for old film projection, foreign collectors and archives were contacted and a cooperation with similar European organizers was established.







The exhibition reminds an unsed format of the film tape, which fascinated visitors with brilliant details and also a surround sound.


A common widescreen 35mm tape includes 387,66 mm2 of scene, which is 2,75 x less than 1068,98 mm2 in 70mm tape. Therefore films made in 70/65mm negatives have more depth of field and show more tiny details.


Mír 70 cinema in Krnov is at present time the only cinema in Visegrad group countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary), which is able to project 70 mm format of the tape with an original, six-channel magnetic sound record in 105 square metres of a bent screen.


The name of the exhibition has got a few meanings. KRRR! Is a combination of consonants forming the name of the town – Krnov – these are hardly pronounced for foreigners because of its characteristic sound. This sound is also characteristic for projecting machines.




náměstí Míru 1/14, KRNOV

+420 554 615 050



Opening hours

Films are projected daily in Kino Mír 70. The morning hours are intended for kindergartens and schools. In the afternoons and evenings, the program is mainly intended for the general public. To get more information about current Kino Mír 70 program, please visit the following websites



GPS position: 50°5′10.405″N, 17°41′56.918″E