Museum of strollers

Where to find the museum



The museum is located just opposite the bus station in Město Albrechtice. The museum is a small yellow house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Břicháček.

The museum was first opened in December 2012.



The museum of prams and dolls




About 140 prams of a different type and size are displayed in the museum. 180 dolls are laid in the prams. Other toys such as teddy bears and wooden toys are also displayed in the museum. V kočárcích je uloženo devadesát panenek.

Some parts of the collection come as friends´ gifts, some from internet auctions and the rest as a privat collection.





Due to the continuous extending Mr. And Mrs. Břicháček´s collection, the exhibiting spaces shall be expanding. Currently, doll and pram exhibition takes place in  two rooms only.


Exhibition at Linhartovy castle




The exhibition at Linhartovy caste was the first time, when Mr. And Mrs. Břicháček showed their collection to the public.


“Dáda” doll


You can find a special doll in the museum, “Dáda” doll, which sings three songs by Dáda Patrasová.


porcelánová panenka



Osvobození 1, Město Albrechtice

+420 608 900 207, 


Opening hours and admission

Admission is voluntary.

Currently, visiting our museum is only possible after telephone appointment. Contact - +420 608 900 207 - Zdeněk Břicháček



GPS position: 50°9′49.028″N, 17°34′15.93″E