Natural monument Staré Hliniště

About a natural trail



Staré hliniště is a natural monument, located about 2,5 km northwest of Krnov town centre. It is located at the place of a former brick factory and a neighbouring stonepit, not far from the road heading to Czech – Polish border crossing.

Hliniště has got an area of 4,39 hectares.


A little from history


At the turn of 70´s and 80´s the brick factory was completely demolished and only two buildings remained. The mining hole had overgrown before. Initially, the locality operated as a studying area and later in 1989 it became a natural monument thank to its rare amphibians and some plant spieces.


Endangered species


In 2001 a local municipal office had a herpetological and botanical survey carried out.  The research confirmed the fact that the endangered species of amphibians have suitable existential conditions for living in Staré hliniště area. They exist in a very limited number such as smooth newt, alpine newt, crested newt, common toad or tree frog.

Besides amphibians, also  rare plants occur here (orchids - which are not original – they were replanted here).

The locality is very popular with local people. In autumn Staré hliniště becomes a mushroom paradise because an orange-cap boletus grows here.


The area of steady checking points for orienteering


orientační běh


The area of steady checkpoints for orienteering enables to wide public to try out the sport, whose slogan is “Natural adventure”. There are a few checkpoints in the area of Staré hliniště, marked with a red-white square. A special map for orienteering is possible to be picked up at this place, Petrovická 251 Street, Krnov and now you can  experience  orienteering.



Natural trail Staré hliniště

Petrovická 251, Krnov

+420 776 593 987


Opening hours and admission

The natural trail “Staré hliniště” is freely accessible to public with no admission.



GPS position: 50°6′36.59″N, 17°41′39.758″E