The Chářovský park

Present of the park




Chářovský park is the most attractive just in spring, when the collection of rhododendrons and azaleas blooms.  The park was declared a cultural monument and belongs among the most important parks in Silesia. Its area is 2,2 hectares and it is a property of Krnov town.


History of the park




The park was established in 1899 at the place of then Chářová village by a local beautification club, later it belonged to the most important dendrological parks in Bruntálsko region.

Since its very beginning, the park was used as a collection place, accessible for called guests only. The park was well kept and supplemented. It did not suffered very much during war periods, however  during next few years there was nobody to take care of, the overal estate of the park got worse and especially sensitive plants died. In 1970´s the park was extended with decorative plants even in the area of an old fruit tree garden and the park underwent a partial reconstruction. Nowadays the park is an interesting part of town greenery.




What grows here?


After previous losses, also at present time the park belongs to remarkable places with a lot of interesting tree species, especially coniferous ones, such as East-Asian Ajan spruce, a row of beautifly growing Balcan spruce “Omorik”, North American pines – Jeffrey´s pine, hemlock or gingko.  Also various species and forms of  cypress and thuja are represented here.

Broadleaved species grow here in various forms such as maple and hortense. Rare, evergreen species such as holly, pachysandra and prunus laurocerasus also grow there.




Among newly planted tree species belong cercidiphyllum japonicum, ash (fraxinus americana), platane and amelanchier. A special attention was paid to plant the most attractive species of rhododendrons and azaleas. The founder of the park had a significant influence on  great conditions for tree-planting and park character – he built up small water areas such as streams and ponds cascade powered by millrace water from nearby Opava river.  There are many paths and bridges to get over the ponds and streams. 



vodní plochy


Since 1998 the park is under a permanent  recovery, which was speeded up due to being affected by serious floods in 1996 and 1997. A newly processed design should give back the park its previous collection form.



Turistické informační centrum Krnov

Hlavní náměstí 25

+420 554 614 612


Opening hours and admission

In the period from 1 5th 30 9th park is open from 8:00 to 20:00.
In the period from 1 10th 30 4th park is open from 8:00 to 17:00.
Entry to the park is free.



GPS position: 50°4′54.523″N, 17°41′1.671″E