The Marysieńka wood and a linden alley





Hlubčice wood is situated northernly of Glubczyce town, with its area of 1597,5 hectares.  The Stradunia river springs in Hlubčice wood, nearby Lwowiany village. Natural species of vegetation occur here, we can also find here both coniferous and broadleaved trees such as lime, oak and hornbeam trees  120 and 145 years old. Also an abundant number of herbs are to be found here in the wood,  such as mezereon (Daphne mezereum), primrose (Primula elatior),  lily martagon (Lilium martagon),  anemone (Anemone ranunculoides) or ivy (Hedera helix). Regarding animals, the wood is a natural surroundings of various bird species (tits, woodpeckers, aslo sacker falcon nested in the wood in 1998), amphibians, reptiles and mammals.  Hlubčice wood is a perfect place for touristics and leisure activies.


Hlubčice wood is linked with the town three-row lime-thee allley, which is a natural monument.








Hlubčice was given the wood as a present from king Přemysl Otakar II in 1265. At that time, the wood had 20 acres and was called “Opavský” (Tropowitz), after Opava river. Since the medieval period it used to be called “Bukový les”.  In colonization period the wood was significantly cut through and in 1903 a new railway station was established - Głubczyce – Las. The wood was a favourite relaxing point of the Upper Silesians, who spent leisure time in a wood pub “Marysienka” or a restaurant “Vlčí rybník”. In 1950´ s a part of the wood fell under the administration of Prudnik town.








Hlubčice wood provided a night haven for witches in the 16th century. A main pathway  crossing the wood was named “the Birch witch pathway”.



Marysieńka wood and the Lime-tree alley



Opening hours

The lime-tree alley and the wood are freely accessible for tourists.


GPS position: 50°12′43.458″N, 17°48′34.246″E