Town park in Prudnik



Town park in Prudnik is located in the south-west part of the town, covering an area of 11,5 hectares.  


Between 2008 and 2010 the park underwent a complete revitalisation.




In 1879, a Developing corporation was established. Its main aim was to develop and revitalize public promenades and squares in the town and its close surroundings. To found the town park was a great achievement of the corporation. A promenade was founded in 1884 at a rented 6-hectar area, designed by a gardening inspector Fox. Originally, the park covered only the northern part of its present area.


The present park also includes:  A memorial of Polish state 1000 years anniversary and Prudnik town 700 years anniversary (a former Prussian war memorial) including a nearby fountain, tennis courts with a wooden swiss-style house, a playground with a football pitch and a basketball court, a musical bower and the statue of Diana Goddess.  Up to 1945, there was a decorated marble bridge just next to the fountain, financially supported by Hermann Fränkl, a Prudnik factory owner. We also have to mention non-existing monuments – “The Milk house“ and a garden shop, which became extinct after World War II. 

socha v parku 


In a close surroundings of a musical bower from 1887, a stoned stand with the statue of Diana, who was a Roman Goddess of moon, birth and hunt. The present statue of Diana is designed according to the original 3-meter high, bronze statue, which was together with a bower, built with a help of Prudnik company owners Fränkel and Pinkus in 1911 At the end of World War II, the statue of Diana Goddess disappeared under unknown circumstances. Its comeback in 2011 was achieved with help of a local “Diana” corporation. 




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The town park is accessible.


GPS position: 50°19′11.28″N, 17°34′22.44″E