Observatory in Glogówek

City Glogówek

Seat of the council authorities. Town situated on the right bank of the river Osoblaha. Town was given the urban rights in 1275 on the strenght of the privilege of the duke Vladimír Opolski from the house of Piasts.

Worth seeing:

  • town hall with the Renaissance gable from 1608, later converted

  • late Renaissance  castle from the 16th century

  • castle gate from the year 1700 and the prison turret from the 14th century, where is the seat of the Regional Museum

  • city walls

  • Gothic parish church in the Baroque style from the 14th century

  • Franciscan church with the Loretan chapel from the 13th century

  • God´s grave from 1634

  • Water tower from the 16th century

  • Rennaisance middle- class tenement houses in the marketplace from the 18th – 19th century.


Information about the observatory

Nearby the Franciscan monastery there is a reconcstructed building, which is suitable for cultural and educational events and also tourism services.



Concerning reconstruction, the building was divided into three parts:

On the ground floor there are two halls for social events of partner towns, cultural or educations meetings.




On the first floor there is a permanent exposition of town and Franciscan monastery history.

On the second floor there is an observatory, with a rotary copula and rotary telescope for space objects observing.  The observatory is equipped with necessary devices and programmes to enable on-line access via internet for inhabitants of Czech - Polish bordering regions.



The observatory also has a second pair of binoculars on a daily observations of the Sun.


Observatory in  Glogówek

ul. Klasztorna 3

48-250 Glogówek

+48 77 438 00 20



Opening hours and admission

During the season from May is open from 10:00 to 15:00. Evening tours are every Thursday and Friday from 21:00 when the sky is clear. If you are unsure about the opening, it is necessary to inform on telephone number +48 774 380 020
Admission is free.



GPS position: 50°21′17.176″N, 17°51′39.823″E