Church of Sv. Josef in Baborow "Józefek"

How to find the church?



A wooden church is situated on the hillock and it operates as a cemetery church. Around the church, lime trees were planted to make this place more beautiful.

History of the church



The church was built between 1700 – 1702 and made of hewn larch timber on the stone base wall. The church is of a Greek cross shape.

The church is considered to be the most interesting and beautiful wooden and sacral building of the Upper Silesia.


The interior of the church




The interior of the church is richly decorated with frescoes and paintings. There is one main altar and four side altars devoted to Virgin Marry of Karmel Mountain, Saint Lawrence, a guardian Angel and a Saint Valentine.  






48 - 120 Baborów

+48 774 869 120



Opening hours and a schedule of worship