Jewish cemetery in Prudnik


Jewish cemetery in Prudnik is situated in Kolejova Street, nearby the railway station. Among others, the owners of Prudnik textile company, which was one of the biggest European textile companies  in the 19th century, are buried here.



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The original Jewish cemetery in Prudnik was probably located at so called „Písková mountain”, it means nearby present Podgórna Street. An edict, issued by Emperor Ferdinand in 1559, expelled Jews from inherited Habsburg lands such as Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, including Prudnik.



Just since 1812, judaism supporters became eligible for civil activities and they could settle again in Silesian towns. In 1828, there lived 127 members of Jewish community in Prudnik.


Prudnik Jewish cemetery was established in 1861 at the place gained two years earlier with the help of local factory owner Samuel Fränkl. In 1906, also with support of local textile factory owners, a funeral chapel was built. This chapel currently operates as a pentecostal church. In the past, there used to be about 140 tombstones in the cemetery. The largest one belonged to Samuel Frankl – the founder of Prudnik textile company and his wife Ernestina. Above that, there are also buried meritorious town inhabitants such as Max Pinkus, an industrialist and bibliophile, the author of ”Slezská knihovna”, company owner and philanthropist Albert Fränkel or a doctor Kurt Fränkel.


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Cmentarz żydowski w Prudniku

ul. Kolejowa 40, Prudnik


Opening hours and admission

The Jewish cemetery is available to the public and free of charge.



GPS position: 50°19′33.933″N, 17°35′12.08″E