St. Joseph Sanctuary and franciscan monastery




St. Joseph church and Franciscan monastery were built far from local urban area, about 5 km southwest from the Old town. The street, where the buildings are situated, is named after prince Józef Poniatowski.



samtuarium          budova



The first frugal St. Joseph church altogether with a small monastery were consecrated in 1852 and built by Alcantarines – the order belonging to Franciscan family. The order respected strict rules, according which the order members were to follow the rules set by St. Frantisek in their everyday lives. An ascetic way of life, a modesty in connection with  a proclamation of the Word of God increased the number of Alcantarine supporters. However, the order members, getting into a conflict with Wroclaw bishop, had to leave the town soon.




The family of Alcantarine order was dissolved and replaced by Franciscans in 1863. They built the church, concentrated in 1867 and thirteen years later they also built the monastery, standing there up to now. In 1921, the second floor was built. This was the last monastery modification, whose design has not changed much up to now. Nearby the church and the monastery, at the beginning of the 20th century an unusual Lourdes cave, made of a volcanic tuff, was established. In 1996 bishop of Opole region promoted St. Joseph church among sanctuaries. 






Franciscans came back to the monastery after the end of World War II, but not for a long time. On October 1, local community representatives came with an order to leave the monastery – it was under the pretext of an urban area development. The brotherhood was to leave the monastery within 2 hours. 5 days later, Polish primate, cardinal Stefan Wyszyńsky came to the monastery. Franciscan seclusion became the third largest internment place. Another place was Komańcza, where the primate was taken to on October 29 1955.


venku u sanktuária        interier



Sanktuarium św. Józefa - Prudnik Las

Klasztor Zakonu Braci Mniejszych

ul. Józefa Poniatowskiego 5

48-200 Prudnik
tel. 77 406 7250



Opening Hours and Holy Mass

Sunday: 8:00, 10:00, 11:30; Dębowiec: 8:45 D
Weekdays: 18:00 (winter time: 17:00)
Ku czci św. Józefa: every Wednesday 18:00 (winter time: 17:00)



GPS position: 50°18′29.974″N, 17°34′0.647″E