Restaurant Strážiště

Address: Úvalno 271, 793 91 Úvalno
GPS position: 50°2′57.48″N, 17°45′12.542″E
Telephone: +420 773 549 554
Price: 300 CZK per person/ night

We offer you a pleasant stay in a quiet forest restaurant "Strážiště" and invite you to taste our hot and cold dishes. You can find us in a beautiful forest area under the tower in a small village Úvalno. The pub, which is designed for normal operation with 35 seats.


Services provided in the facility:

Weddings, parties, anniversaries, banquets, seminars, lunches and dinners for coaches, accommodation with limited capacity, lounge, hall 40 to 50 people.


Services offered in the room:




1 apartment


Number of beds:

10 beds


Accepted forms of payment:


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