Address: Úvalno 281, 794 01
GPS position: 50°3′12.211″N, 17°42′1.891″E
Telephone: +420 775 938 070
Email: nemcovapavlina@seznam.cz, pavlina@nemcovi.cz
Website: www.nemcovi.cz
Price: 250 CZK

A two-storey house situated by the forest. The first floor available for guests, the second floor occupied by a landlord.  

Beautiful landscape, peace and quiet.

Suitable for families with children. Contact with animals – 6 dogs.

Accommodation, kitchenette, a large forest garden.


Room: wi-fi – for rent


Capacity: 5 rooms


Number of beds: 23


Check-in and check-out by appointment


Payment method: Cash or account transfer

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