02 Straying at Dubí peak CZ/PL

Type of cache: traditional, night, difficulty: 3, Terrain: 4,5, size: small

The cache is a part of 10 caches series,  the tour for interesting places of Czech – Polish bordering regions. The final 10th cache “A Krnov treasure” you get when you put the numbers into coordinates which you find in previous caches or you can get them by accomplishing the task at the cache places. A small present is ready for first ten final cache finders. The rest of you, do not feel sad,  you may also take a present – a CWG, until depleted




Dubí peak

A natural touristic trail “Dubí” is a part of five basic points of an intended Town touristic circuit. It is 5 km long and this quite hard circuit leads through footpaths and wood routes around the hill of the same name (558 m above sea level). The trail starts by the chapel situated at the edge of a castle park in Hynčice. The revival of historical wood routes connected to the castle park was achieved by teacher and children from an elementary school in Město Albrechtice, a local touristic club “TJ” members and employees of local Forest administration.The trail offers a place with a view at Město Albrechtice and a sheltered landing place. Also benches are placed along the route. The route is medium difficult and more suitable for tourists rather than cyclists. It goes through beautiful places, many rocky viewing points and various forest types.

kaplička    stezka 


About the cache


skála     zvoneček

Do not look for the cache in introductory coordinates and search for it in the night.  At this place  you can park your geo car, turn your torch on and search for signs, which will continuously show you the way to the finish. What you really need is a very powerful torch. While searching, please be very carefull not to get injured. You will operate in the area with rocks, therefore move closely to the lights. It is recommended to take part in a cache searching when there are at least two of you due to security reasons and without children. It is better to take your children with you during the day.  This cache is a part of 10 caches, within you search for numbers or complete tasks to put them into a formula to find the last cache. At the end of the journey you will find one “number”. The cache is placed circa 4 m on the left of the trail and a few first of you may take your small presents.  The cache searching will take you about an hour.

The natural trail is also beautiful in the day, so you can prolong the time spent here. The rocks hides curved paintings, which are old for decades. Other caches are also very close from here, you can visit a beautiful lookout “Na Hraničním vrchu” or you can play golf not far from here.


For more information you can find  here.


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