Přemyslovský dvůr

Address: Slezské Pavlovice 12, 793 99
GPS position: 50°18′36.835″N, 17°41′55.01″E
Contact address: Přemysl Drozd, Lenka Drozdová
Telephone: +420 732 935 625, +420 554 620 938
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.premyslovskydvur.cz
Price: 450 CZK per person/night, breakfast included

A guest house „Přemyslovský dvůr“ offers its guest a peaceful holiday in the fresh air in a calm family atmosphere. You can spend time with a rich and wide range of leisure activities such as country touristics (agrotouristics) or activities focused on a traditional folk art and craft (smithy, pottery, art workshop etc.) or sports activities focused on a historical fencing, archery, horseriding etc…


-        Accommodation in a privat facility (2 double-bed rooms, an extra bed available)

-        You can use your own tent or caravan

-        Children aged up to 3 - free of charge

-        Breakfast included in the price

-        Parking free of charge

-        Own barbecue and grill available

-        Half board or full board available


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