Pelhřimovy – Sv. Jiří Church

kostel Pelhřimovy

Pelhřimovy - is very impressive and mysterious extinct village of Pelhřimovy, located just on Czech - Polish border. The village is proof of what damage can acute nationalistic relationships cause. The village was first divided into Prussian and Austrian part along the Troja river in 1742 after Prussia - Austrian war.  After German resettlement, due to mutual distrust between communist Czechoslovakia and Poland nearly all houses on the Czech side demolished except the two, originally gothic St. Jiři Church and the surrounding cemetery. The Czech side of the village looks pretty deserted, unlike the Polish side, which is well preserved. Here you can visit a castle, accessible by a bridge over the river Troja nearby the chapel, which remained deserted on the Czech bank of the bordering river all together with the memorial of Jan Nepomucký and the ruins of the farmhouse.

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