Sokolovna "Gym"

Present of the gym




“Sokolovna” of Krnov built in 1932 is a masterpiece of Leopold Bauer, the most respectable Krnov architect. The opening ceremony was held on November 19 1933. The building is a cultural monument. At present time the building is used for both children´s and adults´ leisure clubs and activities.


History of the gym




Leopold Bauer adapted the design of a ferroconcrete gym to the one, which was considered to be a classical “Sudetic germanity” such as gabled roof and a ragged floorplan.

The terrace of “Sokolovna” was turned to its future stadium, so that chieftains could watch sportsmen from here. But due to the war, the stadium had never been built up. The stadium was built up later by Czechs after 1945, so it was comrades who could watch some sports events – such as Spartakiades – from the terrace.

Another important influence to the final “Sokolovna” design was so called nautism or an architecture inspiration by steamship aesthetics. Thanks to this, there are tube rails like at steamboat and many roundings.  


The symbol on the gym building



The cross of four “F” letters was the symbol of a German gymnastics corporation established by Prussian pedagogue Friedrich Ludwig Jahn about two hundred years ago. The intended symbols were devotion, vitality, cheerfulness and freedom. After war, Czechs had this old symbol of German sportsmen removed from the façade.



Sokolovna gym

Petrovická 1, Krnov

Administration: Technical services, telephone: +420 602 550 213


Opening hours and admission

To rent the premises, please contact the facility administration on the telephone number: +420 602 550 213.


GPS position: 50°5′33.638″N, 17°41′55.656″E