The Hermann Fränkel villa



The villa belongs among the most representative buildings in Prudnik.


It is the only building of such a type in southern Poland. It is situated in Kościuszki street. The villa used to be the housing villa of the company owner, later it was a company “textile house” and since 2011 the villa has been used as a seat of Prunik cultural center. The building was, as the one out of four Polish monuments, awarded in Opole competition “Preserved monument”, organized by the Ministry of culture and a national heritage.




The Hermann Fränkel villa, also called “White house”, is undoubtly connected with the history of Prudnik factory Fränkel and Pinkus families.
interier vily

The villa originally belonged to the co-owner of a local textile company, a honorable Persian consul in Berlin and also a great philanthropist - Herman Fränkel. The villa was built in 1883 in a classicist style and at first sight you can admire its decorativeness and diversity. In the villa interior, a special attention is to pay for a staircase including a fresco picturin a biblic scene “Retrieval of Moses” and a fountain picturing a woman body, probably Hermann´s wife Flora.
sál ve vile


This unusual design of the room is supported with a tiled, richly decorated stove, an Art noUveau fountain and a rooflight – heaven.. These components are to symbolize the three elements – fire, water and the air. A theatre hall with a wallpaper made in 19th century, a chamber hall and an attic gallery built between 2010 and 2011 to satisfy the needs of Prudnik cultural center are also parts of the whole building.



Up to 1970, in the neighbourhood of Fränkel villa, a church and the Capuchin monastery was situated. Only underground spaces connected with villa cellars have been preserved.


Monastery cellars are freely accessible to public.



Vila Hermanna Fränkla

ul. Kościuzski 1A, Prudnik 


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GPS position: 50°19′14.081″N, 17°34′36.876″E