The villas of Ernst Fränkl and Max Pinkus



This is one out of four villas of company owner families in the town – The Fränkls and the Pinkus. 


 vila pinkusova


In the villa, there used to be a famous “Silesian library” until 1936. After World War II, it was used as a company nursery school “ZPB Frotex”. At present time, the facility is a privat property.  It is situated in Nyska street.




A palace of a neoclassical style was built in 1882, just in the neighbourhood of S. Max Pinkus
and Ernst Fränk. The first of them is known as a cultural maecenas and The Silesian
one of the most extended private thematic library made by one person in whole Germany and also in Europe. In the beginning of 1930´s the collection
was deposited on the 1st and 2nd floor of the villa and included circa 25 000 volumes.  



Its most valuable part was devoted to the work of Gerhart Hauptmann and it was considered to be the most completed contemporary collection of this Nobel Prize winner all over the world. Many common achivements came out of the long lasting friendship of a Prudnik company owner and a Lower Silesian writer. After Pinkus´ death, his book collection was taken apart. The most valuable volumes were taken to the State university library in Wroclaw. By the end of the war, the were taken to a destination uknown.   



A Prudnik villa of Max Pinkus played an important part in German written literature. In drama “Before the sunset” by Gerhart Hauptmann it served as model of a dwelling house of play´s main character – a secret business advisor Matouš Clausen, who embodies the character of Max Pinkus.






Vila Ernsta Fränkla i Maxa Pinkusa

ul. Nyska 2, Prudnik


Openning hours

The villa is not open to the public.



GPS position: 50°19′25.175″N, 17°34′29.014″E