The Strážnice lookout, Liptaň

Lookout information




The Strážnice lookout is situated in the village of Liptaň in Osoblaha region, just next to the telecommunication mast of the O2 operator. The lookout is made of wood, 494 metres above the sea level. The lookout is 9 metres high with three looking platforms. To get to the top you have to climb 37 steps. The lookout was opened in March 2003.

The lookout enables a beautiful view to the countryside and nearby villages such as Pitárné, Vysoká, a border crossing in Bartultovice, but also a Polish town Prudnik.


Operating rules of the lookout


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Due to security reasons, only 6 people are allowed to be at the lookout at the same time. The lookout visitors shall climb and descent very carefully.  Climbing out off the construction is strictly prohibited. Enter the lookout at stormy, icy and windy weather is also prohibited. When entering at above mentioned circumstances, the visitor bares his/her own risk and neither the opeator nor the owner bares any responsibility for the health and safety.  Children up to 12 years of age are allowed with an adult only.No entry also for drunken and drugged people. 




The local community of Liptaň village, Liptaň 149

+420 554 650 012, +420 554 625 667



Opening hours and admission

The lookout tower is accessible all year long and the admission is free of charge.  


GPS position: 50°13′54.985″N, 17°35′53.896″E