St. Michael Archangel church in Prudnik




St. Michael Archangel church was built in the southern part of the Old town. The square, where the church is located, is now called “Farní”.




The first Prudnik sanctuary was probably built in the second half of the 13th century, when at today´s area of Prudnik the colonization took place. According to vicar Alojz Scharkow who lived in the 19th cenutry, the rectory was established in 1279 together with Prudnik town by Henryk Rosenberg. During reformation period, the church was passed on the protestants, then it came back to catholics, who started building up a new baroque building in 1730.
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The building was designed, based on Prague St. Nicolas church in Lesser Town, by Jan Innocent Töpper from Olomouc. His work is characterized with a modest exteriors in contrast with his rich interior decorations. The church was solemnly consecrated eight years later in 1752. Unfortunatelly, it was damaged during wars. In 1779, the church and tower roofs were damaged in the fire by Austrian blasting. The church was finished into present appearance in 1830. After World War II, which did not damage the church very much, the rectory was taken over by Dominicans and since the end of the 20th century, diocesan priests are responsible for its course. 





In the main nave of Prudnik church, the picture of Mary Virgin probably from the 18th cenutry is placed. A Hungarian baroness gave the picture to the church of Capuchin, where it was originally placed till 1810, when order secularization was held in Prussian state. Based on the original, a Prudnik painter Szymon Szwarzer painted a portait of Mary Virgin connected with miracles, also called “Maria Hilf” or “Marie Pomocná”. A cult is concentrating in nearby sanctuary in Zlaté Hory, where people from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic are heading in a large number. 



Parafia św. Michała Archanioła w Prudniku

Pl. Farny 2

48-200 Prudnik

+480 774 362 878


Opening hours

Monday to Friday: - 6.30; 8.00; 18.00

Saturday: - 6.30; 8.00

Sunday: - 7.00; 8.30; 10.00; 11.30; 16.00; 18.00


GPS position: 50°19′13.966″N, 17°34′46.718″E