The Pilgrimage Church of the Elevation of the Holy Rood and Our Lady

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Cvilín peak with its church and a lookout tower is a noticeable dominant of Krnov town. You can see the church when coming to Krnov from Opava and Město Albrechtice direction.  The Church pilgrimages are held here a few times a year. To get to this beautiful place, you have to climb up 222 steps.



The pilgrimage tradition of Cvilín peak goes back to the beginnings of the 17th century. Between 1722-1728, there was a stone church built just next to the original wooden one. In August 1865 the church burnt up and during World War II, it went through another critical period.  The temple is a baroque, two-towered building with one main nave and four chapels.  The picture of Seven Sorrows Mary Virgin is placed on the main altar. The picture is said to have special medicinal effects. Interiors are decorated with beautiful frescoes painted by a Brno painter F. Eckstein from  1726-1727.  On behalf of emperor Josef II., the church was closed down and recommended to demolition. Fortunatelly, the church was bought for 406 Guldens by four Krnov citizens. Re-opening of the church was held in 1795. This event would not have happended if there hadn´t been established a new colony called Mariánské Pole  nearby the Cvilín peak. The church was to served for its inhabitants.  Decided by an emperor, the Minorites were not allowed to administrate the church. Therefore it was taken over by Krnov town and diocesan priests took an administration control.


In 1865 there was a great fire that damaged a shingle roof and also church towers with bells. Thanks to financial donations, the church was completely reconstructed in the next two years.  The Order of Minorites gained the church back in 1940 when the church was changed for lands, which the town needed for its development. Later, the church was seriously damaged during war events in 1945. The most affected was the left tower. 

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In the period of communist regime, activities of the Minorites were violently disrupted. Later, the church was again under the administration of Diocese until 1994, when it was given back to the Order of Minorites.  



Pilgrimages start on April 30 and finish with the All Souls Day ath the beginning of November.  The Holy Masses are held at 10 a.m. every Sunday. Major mass is on Sunday, on the closest day of Mary Virgin, Lady of Sorrows anniversary. 

Pilgrimage schedule in 2013

Except pilgrimages, the Holy Masses are held at 10 a.m. every Sunday.

All pilgrims are welcome with their appointment in advance. 


May 1, 2013

Opening   ceremony of Pilgrimage season

11 a.m.  

May 12,   2013

Fatima,   Mediator

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

May 30,   2013

Solemnity   of the Body and the Blood of the Lord

6.15   p.m.

June 1,   2013

Deans   office of Opava pilgrimage, celebrated by    bp. František Lobkowicz

Ador.:5   p.m. Holy Mass.:6 p.m.

June 2,   2013

Visitation   of Mary Virgin

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

June 9,   2013

Mary   Virgin´s Immaculate Heart pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

August   2, 2013

Mary   Virgin, the Queen of Angels of Porciunkule pilgrim

6.15   p.m.

August   17, 2013

Immaculaty   readers´  pilgrimage

11 a.m.

August   17, 2013

The   Assumption pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

August   25, 2013

Mary   Virging, the Queen pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

September   15, 2013

Major   pilgrimage,

Promotion   of the Saint Cross and Mary Virgin of Seven Sorrows, celebrated by Mons. Adam   Rucki, a bishop vicar

8   a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m.,   4 p.m. (Polish), the Way of the Cross   10 a.m.

October   5, 2013

Deans   office of Krnov pilgrimage, celebrated by    bp. František Lobkowicz

Ador.:5   p.m. Holy Mass.:6 p.m.

October   6, 2013

The   Rosary pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

October   19, 2013

St.   Huber pilgrimage

10 a.m.

November   3, 2013

All   Souls pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

December   8, 2013

The   Imamculate Mary Virgin pilgrimage

8 a.m.,   10 a.m.

    December 31, 2013

Mary   Virgin, the Queen of peace, pilgrimage

11 p.m.


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In a close surroundings of the church, there is a memorable lime tree (about 250 m from the church).


The charm of the painting

The faithfull find the peace and reconciliation coming out of two paintings of Mary Virgin, Lady of Sorrows, situated on the main altar.  The first one, placed on the rear side of the altar, was painted by a Krnov citizen Heinrich Tauber in  period, when his seriously ill daughter was dying. He expressed his pain in Madonna´s figure.  His Mary Virgin is standing with clasped hands, in an impassioned prayer, looking pleedingly up to the sky.  In the first painting, the painter tried to capture his pain over his dying daughter. The second painting presents a Birthgiver of God with seven swords in her heart, portrayed in a different pose. Virgin Marry is not crying, her head and hands are bowed meekly. She is not begging, she reconciled. The painter  grasped the point he came for.  He managed to accept the fate.  The pictures are so impressive, that pilgrims have been considering them as miraculous and medicinal for over than 300 years. Painter´s daughter was said to get over the illness. 


The way of the Cross

In the church surroundings, there are 13 smaller empire chapels from the beginning of the 19th century, which form the way of the Cross and there is also one large baroque chapel from 1729. All the chapels were reconstructed in 2007.  By every single chapel there is a picture showing Jesus´ way of the Cross. 


Virtual Tour 

Virtual tour of the visitors here.



Duchovní správa, klášter Minoritů, Štursova 85/2, Krnov

+420 595 171 332, +420 608 888 270


Opening hours and admission

The church is freely accessible during worship services and pilgrimages or at any time by a telephone appointment on the telephone number  595 171 332. Church surrounding with the way of the Cross is freely accessible with paying no fee.


GPS position: 50°4′48.115″N, 17°43′18.415″E